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Have you ever been to Nepal and tasted Nepalese foods? There are varieties of Nepalese food items that resemble Indian and Tibetan but also have unique traditional dishes which you must try while you are in Nepal.

Nepalese foods

The traditional Nepalese dishes are heavy, spicy, vegetarian friendly, and gluten-free. Nepali food items are rich in flavor and spices. It contains lots of rice, curries, lentils, and chickpeas. Most of the Nepalese people follow Hinduism and they worship cows as their Goddess, so they don’t eat beef. You can try mutton, chicken, and buff in non-vegetarian dishes. You might be shocked because of spice added in dishes. People usually add pickled spice and spicy curries with their meals. We have categorized some delicious and traditional food items in brief.

  • Dal Bhat

Dal Bhat Tarkari is the most famous dish all over in Nepal. You can call it Nepalese National Food. They have this dish at least twice a day like lunch and dinner. The dish compiles of Lentil soup (dal), rice (bhat), and curried vegetables (tarkari). Mutton, chicken, buff, eggs, and fishes can be served with this dish.

  • Momos

Some of the Nepalese dishes are influenced by Tibetan culture. Momos are typically made from wheat flour filled with buff, vegetables, or chickens. It is streamed for 15 minutes and can be fried which is served with a bowl of curry.

  • Newari Cuisine

Newar is one of the indigenous groups mostly residing around Kathmandu Valley and market areas of the hilly region. There are over 200 dishes of Newari cuisine. Some popular dishes are Bara, Aloo, Newari Khaza Set, and buff items.

  • Sel Roti

This is also the traditional food items of Nepalese people made of flour mixed with sweet ingredients. The dish is usually served as breakfast. A crispy, puffy dough that has been deep-fried resembles in size with doughnut but has a unique taste.

  • Samosas With Tea

Samosa is influenced by Indian cuisine. A huge triangle-shaped pastry filled with a mixture of potatoes, carrots, peas, and spices covered by the wheat paste is fried and served with tomato pickles and occasionally with tea also.

  • Nepalese Drinks

Yogurt Lassi is a very popular sweet drink in Nepal. The water curd is mixed with preferred fruit pieces. This is usually taken in summer. Tea and coffee are also popular drinks in Nepal. Some ethnic communities drink rice wine and rice beer prepared in their home. Although, International and Nepalese Beer are popular in summer and Khukuri Rum in winter with honey and hot water.

  • Desserts

The most popular desserts in Nepalese societies are Jalebi, Juju Dhau, and Gulab Jamun. Juju Dhau is made from cow’s yogurt and is popular in Kathmandu Valley. Jalebi and Gulab Jamun are Indian influenced dishes found all over South Asia.

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