Kathmandu Dakshin Kali Mata Temple & Pharphing Gumba Tour

The temple Dakshin Kali is named as ‘dakshin’ meaning the direction ‘south’ and a name ‘kali’. The name ‘Dakshin Kali’ denotes the position of the temple. The deity of Dakshin Kali is Goddess Kali. The temple is located on the south-west part of Kathmandu. The temple, Dakshin Kali is believed to have come into existence after Goddess Kali appeared in the dream of a Malla king and commanded him to build a temple in an unknown place.

It is believed that Kali has the ability to make wishes come true. Devotees believe that animal sacrificing makes Goddess Kali happy. Those opposing animal sacrifices usually sacrifice coconuts. The temple is often crowded on Saturdays and also Tuesdays. Those unable to visit the temple during regular Saturdays, make sure to go there at least during the biggest festival of Hindus, the Bada Dashain. During Dashain, usually in October, large number of devotes gather in Dakshin Kali and sacrifice cocks and male goats. We can actually see the floor of the temple area covered with blood and the statue of the Goddess bathing in blood too.

From the parking to the temple, the whole way you will see local people selling flowers and other offerings for Goddess Kali. The number of vendors selling khuwa(milk product), sell (food made of flour) and lentils wouldn’t be less.

The area around Dakshin Kali is also popular as picnic spot and hiking route.

After around a kilometer drive, we will stop by the Pharphing Monastery. Guru Rinpoche is believed to have meditated in this monastery.  He got enlightened and also received highest realization in this place. 

There exists hearsay that Guru Rinpoche said Pharphing is as holy as the Bodhgaya.  So Pharphing also comes as one of the holy places of the Buddhist.









Kathmandu –  return package Dakshin Kali temple & Pharphing monastery

Guru Rinpoche meditated place

Departure at 5:30am from Kathmandu, Breakfast after visiting temple around 8:30am and drive back and stop on the way to visit Pharphing  Monastery where’s Guru Rinpoche meditated, after visiting the monastery lunch time around mid day or 1pm then return back to Kathmandu and will be dropped in the same location where picked up in morning time.




Cost includes:

*Transportation both way, Breakfast, Lunch and beverages like mineral water and tea/coffee.

Cost excludes:

*Personal expenses, Alcohol items and entrance fees…

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