Kathmandu Manakamana Temple Tour

The Manakamana temple is located in the Gorkha district of Nepal. The Manakamana temple is the temple of Goddess Bhagwati. She is believed to be the incarnation of Goddess Parvati. In literal meaning, ‘mana’ means heart and ‘kamana’ means ‘wish’. So, the goddess is believed to have the ability to fulfill wishes of her devotees if they wish purely from their heart. Newlywed couples visit and pray at the Manakamana temple for a male child.

The Manakamana temple is a four storied pagoda style temple. In the southwest direction, there exists a stone pillar that is used as a sacrificial pillar. We can witness a number of animal and bird sacrifices every day. Worship materials like flower, make-up, red clothes, colors, ducks, cocks and goats are sold on both sides of the way to the temple. Many devotees stand in queue for more than hours during festive season and some without food and water. 

The story behind the Manakamana temple is linked with a Gorkha King, Ram Shah of the 17th century and his queen who possessed divine powers.

The Manakamana Cable Car, operating from Kurintar, is widely used as a means of transportation to reach out to the Manakamana temple. The Manakamana Cable Car is an Austrian engineered cable car.

Gorkha itself is a historical place in the history of Nepal and plays a vital role in the unification of the country.





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Kathmandu – Manakamana  Temple

Departure at 6:00am from Kathmandu, bf on the way in Naubise and continue drive to Kurintar to visit Manakamana temple and Lunch after visiting temple around mid day or 1pm then return back to Kathmandu and will be dropped in the same location where picked up in morning time.




Cost includes:

*Transportations both way, Cable car fee, Breakfast, Lunch and beverages like mineral water and tea/coffee.

Cost excludes:

*Personal expenses & Alcohol items

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