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Nepal is a rich country in terms of cultural heritage. The cultures in Nepal are the influence of the fusion of Indo-Aryan and Tibeto-Mongolian. The reason behind the originality of this beautiful and unique culture is migrations, conquest, and trades. Nepalese cultures are developed by Hindus and Buddhist sources.

The culture of Nepal is multi-dimensional and resembles vast diversities within a small territory. The distinct culture in Nepal manifests in different forms: unique cultural dance and music; beautiful art and crafts; reasonable literature and language; enjoyable festivals and celebrations; interesting philosophy and religion; unique customs and traditions; and tasty foods and drinks.

In Nepal, people believe “unity in diversity”.This symbolizes national unity and is the Nepalese specialty. Nepalese celebrate some unique and enjoyable festivals all over the year. Major festivals include Dashain and Tihar which occur in September and October. Other popular festivals are Holi in March, Mahashivaratri in April, and many others. The point to be noticed is that cultures in Nepal vary from one caste to another and one place to another and some are celebrated combined. This proves the term “unity in diversity”. The cultural dresses are also varied with different festivals, castes, and religions. Nepalese people bear a unique culture as their daily routines and lifestyles are also ruled by their own cultures. The way they greet, the language they speak, the festivals they celebrate, the foods they have, the occupation they do are also still distinctive according to their traditional cultures. But, in recent years the culture is resembling with another. This is because of modernization, internal migration, and foreign influences.

Despite having over a hundred distinct ethnic groups, they live together remaining united making the country peaceful and beautiful. This is the true cultures one can find in Nepal.



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